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 Natural Insecticide for Balaton Cherry Trees

22 Apr 2014

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“Balaton” cherry tree (Prunus cerasus “Balaton”) is a sour or tart variety with large, sweet fruit ideal for consuming straight from the branch. They grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9 and are susceptible to various insects that range from a nuisance to a more serious problem. Before you reach for insecticides containing harsh chemicals to control these insects, consider a safer option. One option is to visit to help maintain the health of your tree. Alternatively, consider using natural insecticides to lower your chance of potential harm to yourself and your environment.

Plant Based Insecticides

Also called botanical insecticides, plant-based insecticides contain ingredients naturally derived from plants, such as neem oil and pyrethrins. Neem oil comes from the tropical, evergreen neem tree. Pyrethrins are natural insecticides derived from certain chrysanthemum flowers. Both neem oil and pyrethrin insecticides are available in ready-to-use and concentrated formulas. Neem oil controls a wide array of insects, including sap-suckers, and is non-toxic to humans, pets and other mammals, as well as beneficial insects, including bees. Pyrethrins are not as safe as neem oil. They have a low toxicity to humans, pets and other mammals and to beneficial insects. Neem controls stink bugs, aphids and mites. Neem oil and pyrethrin insecticides can be used on cherry trees up to the day of harvest if fruit is washed well.

Bacterium Insecticides

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a bacterium insecticide that contains bacteria naturally found in the soil. This bacterium is a stomach poison that targets the larvae stage of various moths, butterflies and beetles including fruitworms and Mineola moths. Bt is sprayed on the foliage of the infested “Balaton” cherry tree and — once consumed — the natural insecticide disrupts the pests feeding causing it to starve. Bt has a low toxicity to humans, pets, bees, fish and birds. (more…)


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 The Best Specialist of School Gifts

10 Apr 2014

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Othres, Awesome Graduation Gift : The Best Specialist of School Gifts

School is the best moment in our lives. For students who are now still facing that term, maybe this opinion feel so wrong. School era is the moment of dizzy, tired and also stress. Every day we have to make many difficult essays, once in a week we have to meet the lesson that make us cannot sleep in the middle of the night and every week we have to get deal with the deadlines of endless tasks that our teachers give to us, so which one is the best moment? You may think that like that now, but surely you will miss it a lot when you are old or even you are graduated from the school one day.

Talking about the graduation day, a gift should be prepared to honor all efforts that are done to reach this point, in which we know that it is not easy to go with. Honestly, deciding the best gifts that will be given for the alumni is a difficult thing to do because the options that we can get from the market can be very limited. Most of them are so ordinary, so it cannot present the brand of the school itself. However, it does not happen that way if we are searching the gift option in This website is the specialist of school gifts for many parties such as for the student, for other teachers or for the public. (more…)


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 Tips for Pursuing Higher Studies in the United States

20 Dec 2013

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Education Advices and Tips, Education In USA: Tips for Pursuing Higher Studies in the United States

Pursuing higher studies in the United States is a life-long dream for many students who work relentlessly throughout their whole academic lives. Aside from the excellence in education carried out by the US institutions, the multi-cultural scene that can only be found in the US is also another reason for being the number 1 choice for students all around the world. To accomplish this dream you need to be prepared from every aspect. Here are a few study tips to guide you through the whole process:

Right Choice of Institution
Surf the web and look for institutions providing world class education on the subject you want to specialize in. There are colleges and universities running various schools and institutions focusing on different fields. Usually, colleges offer only undergraduate programs and universities run both undergraduate and graduate programs. So, sort out universities according to your requirements. (more…)


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 The Homework Debate, Are Homework Really Beneficial for Children?

15 Dec 2013

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Education Controversy, Young Boy Doing Homework: The Homework Debate, Are Homework Really Beneficial for Children?

Homework has been known through history as a means to make students review their study back in home. Some people still believe that homework will work well to polish the children studying capabilities and knowledge because they are forced to do review about their previous study. However, the newest research about homework has been found that this task is not very helpful and beneficial for children. Some children will not get any beneficial effect from this task because there were no records about the connection between homework and children personal achievement.

Yes, there are no records that a student or children that are undergoing much homework will have good achievement in his study or other subjects. This means, personal homework is not as great as it is trusted to be. Personal achievement such as the achievement in particular subject is gained by the talent and dedication of the children. They are doing their best to study the particular subject and then gained good achievement in it. Therefore, homework does not take any part in any achievement gained by the children. All of the achievements mainly gained through study and dedication not homework. (more…)


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 Barack Obama Development on Education System

12 Nov 2013

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Education and Technology, Barack Obama Speech About Education System: Barack Obama Development on Education System

The Election of Barack Obama in The early years has given various kinds of development for the country. The development of the countries is quite planned due to Barack Obama Government system. One of the most important parts in the country that is being developed and changed in order to make it better and efficient is the development on education system. Barack Obama has changed various kinds of education system in America to make it more efficient and also beneficial for every people of America. There is several change in the America education system, however, the most important change can be seen in the two aspects that will be described in the next paragraph.

The first aspect in the education system that is being changed by Barack Obama is the standardized testing system. The testing will be placed in order to standardize the average skills and knowledge of the students. The test will be ranged from student ability the area of technology. This means the test will try to comprehend how good they are in the area of technological comprehension, other than technology knowledge students will need to know their analysis skills by undergoes several tests that will try to assess their analytic skills. All of the tests will try to find the students specialization and then push them to mastering their specialization further.

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 Managing Phone Usage For Children

01 Oct 2013

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Education and Technology, Children VS Smartphone: Managing Phone Usage For Children

Nowadays, hand phone is so popular. It already becomes the best communication device which can connect you to other people effectively. With the handphone, you do not need to write a long letter manually anymore. They also do not need to wait for long time only to get reply of the letter. With the handphone, you also do not need to use any cable phone. it is portable and you can communicate with other almost in all places. Even, now there have been smartphones which become new improvement of handphone. the smartphone is just like combination of computer and handphone. With the smartphone, you can do a lot of things, including communicate with others and finish any works.

The phone is also easy to use. as the result, many people can use it; even children can use it easily. Maybe, it is a good thing that children can use the phone, so you can communicate with your children easily when you are not with them. But, you also must be aware that there can be any problems come from the usage of phone for children. Research has found that phone contain any dangerous substances, such as mercury, bromine, and chlorine. These substances can be so dangerous. furthermore children’s bodies are still too weak to get the substances. In addition, the phone also can give you exposure of radiation. The radiation can be so dangerous, because it can be cause of cancer.

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